Susie Rasmussen has been decorating and teaching for more years than she cares to admit!  Her contact information is below the class information.

To register for a class, call Susie at 281-433-5740 and if there is no answer, leave a message. She can also be reached by email at

Class fees go directly to the instructor and are not refundable unless the class is cancelled.  Cash is preferred.  Enroll early so that she knows she will have enough students!

Currently two classes are scheduled. See below for the details:

Basic Cake Decorating Class

November 14th

Class held at Make A Cake.

Learn basic cake decorating skills without a four week class.

This is not a Wilton method class and supplies are not included.

There is no cake required.

Learn to ice a cake with a quick icer and several easy borders such as beading, ribbons, and shells. Learn Buttercream flowers like roses. 

We will do everything in one class so it moves at a pretty quick pace. So it may not be the ideal class for a young person. It is also important to practice more at home in order to feel more confident with the techniques.

Basic Cake decorating Class Supply List

We do not do a cake in class

One batch of Susie’s Buttercream icing

Practice board or something to practice on


Decorating bags (plastic or parchment)

Couplers 2




Rose nail

Cornstarch and white Karo syrup

Plastic bag for to carry home dirty items

Camera optional

Sweater if you get cold

Drink if you want one

Round tips — 1, 3, 5, 8, 12

Star tips — 18, 21

Triple star— 2010

Basket  weave — 47

Leaf tip — 352, 67

Grass tip — 233

Rose tip 104, 124 optional

Quick icer tip 789 optional


Susie’s Buttercream Icing

2 pounds of powdered sugar

1 cup shortening (Store brand with trans fats is better than Crisco with zero trans fats. Crisco will make the icing too soft and it will separate.) You can buy high ratio shortening from Make a Cake in a 3# can for about $6-7.

½ teaspoon clear vanilla flavoring

½ teaspoon butter flavoring

½ teaspoon almond ex-tract

½ cup water

1/3 cup cornstarch after the icing is mixed if necessary to stiffen

*** Add all flavorings to the measuring cup before adding the water to ½ cup mark. This will make the icing a little stiffer. We can always thin the icing down in class with Karo corn syrup. Add the corn-starch after the icing is mixed to help stiffen the icing if it is too soft.

Mix all ingredients except the cornstarch, together in bowl. Scrape sides of bowl down and mix together for about 5- 7 minutes. Leave at room temperature for class. Store tightly and bring to class at room temperature.

Fondant Cakes

November 7th

Class held at Make A Cake.

We will cover a 10” round cake dummy with fondant.

We will work with impression mats on one side of the cake and edible pearls.

Another side will have designs done with crimpers that squeeze a design into the fondant.

The next side will show textured rolling pins and fondant draping.

We will cut out fondant shapes and edible markers for the last side.

We will do some molded flowers and decorations.

And to finish the cake off with a simple bow and tails.

You will need fondant and a dummy along with a cake board. I will supply the fondant supplies for class but if you have some; feel free to bring them along.  You can pickup the fondant, 10” cake dummy, and 14” cake cardboard at Make A Cake

Contact info:

Susie Rasmussen  281-433-5740

Please understand that with the price of gas if no one signs up for a class and/or confirms that they are coming, I cannot make the hour drive to Make A Cake. You can call them or me to find out if I am having the class or not on Saturday’s morning before class.  Please know that I work a regular 5 day a week job that sometimes interferes with my cake classes so dates are subject to change.